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Below is a part of a blog post from one of our medical mission participants. The group just finished up a very productive week in Jordan, seeing thousands of people to treat all kinds of injuries and illnesses, and to provide basic medical care. More entries and photos will be added in the coming days as the participants share their experiences and photos for the blog.

Our next mission will be in January, and if you or anyone you know is interested in joining, please contact us right away.


A Child – A Miracle – A Dad

Daraa, a city inside Syria came under siege by the Syrian Regime, for 7 days! There was so much gunfire that it rained bullets from the sky! This is how a father described the city that he lived in during this time.

People were allowed to go out of their homes from 8-12 at night to get groceries and things they needed. Fathi and his 10 year old daughter Sundus (pictured above) left their home to go to the store and get some bread and milk. On their way home, their short trip drastically changed. Even though it was okay to go out at this time, for no reason the regime opened fire on them as they were nearing their home.

To read the entire blog post, please click here.

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