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All of these people have taken time away from their businesses and work, donated their time, paid all their own expenses of lodging, meals, and transportation, and many have donated even more to this mission. They are bringing much needed relief and aid to the refugees throughout northern Jordan – both in the camps and outside the camps. Extra money raised is being used to buy more medications and supplies as they are needed from local pharmacies that are working with SCM. Thank you to each and every one of you. You are making a difference.

World Team

Abir Mangels MD Anesthesia
Ahmad Anjak MD Internal Medicine
Aiman Rifai MD Orthopedic
Ammar Ghanem MD internal medicine, pulmonary and sleep medicine
Ayman Khiami MD Pediatrician
Basel Herbly DDS Oral Surgery
Bassam Babi MD Pediatrician
Beth Tammaro RN SCI Rehab
Eyad Said MD Family Practice
Fuad Azrak MD Internal Medicine/GI
Hatem Hassino MD Vascular Surgery
Hayat Ali DDS Dentist
Humam Akbik MD Anesthesia/General Surgery/Pain Management
Jenin Sallouha SW Social Worker
John Sager MD Family Practice
Khalil Korkor MD Internal Medicine/GI
M. Samir Diab MD Dermatology
Maan Tabaa MD Orthopedic Surgeon.
Manal Hamwi Faham MD Internal Medicine/Neurologist.
May Mardini PT Orthopedic, Neurological disorders, wound care
Radwan Mallah MD Internal Medicine
Rania Habal MD Emergency Medicine
Rita Zawaideh NGO Coordinator
Sahar Damas Teacher Coordinator
Samir Ataya MD Pulmonary/ICU
Tarek Kudaimi MD Internal Medicine/Rheumatology
Yahya Bakdalieh MD PM&R/SCI
Zahra Shah MD Internal Medicine
Neil McFarland MD Emergency Medicine
Lucin Saleh Ms Coordinator
Maher Azzouz MD Internal Medicine/GI
Edward Kakish MD Internal Medicine
Beryl Cheal Teacher Coordinator
Aref Al-Kali MD Internal Medicine/Hem-Onc
Abduljabbar Zughbi MD General Surgery
Ahed Alfa MD Pediatrician
Ali Kadry Alkhateeb Mr. Logistics
Anas Sheikha MD General Surgery
Aws Husein MD Neurosurgery
Basel Sawalha Mr. Logistics
Basel Akbik MD. Internal Medicine
Hisham AlSyad Rph. Pharmacist
Layla Midani Rph. Pharmacist
Mustafa Nakawa MD Orthopedic  Residence
Nazim Rifai MD. General Surgery
Reem Attasi Mrs. Mission Coordinator
Samara Attasi Rph. Pharmacist
Seri Bkara MD General Surgery
Suzanne Sayed MD Rheumatologist
Yazan Saraireh MD Medical Student
Badria Shekh AlBasatne   Aljazera Hospital


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