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Cune Press

Salaam Cultural Museum supports the work of Cune Press. They help bring stories, both fiction and non-fiction to the public that promote better understanding, historical perspective, and entertainment with a Middle East flair. Cune Press is a Seattle-based, small, independent publisher that prides itself on publishing the works of authors who are unique and have a unique story to tell or a unique perspective on an old story.

Dunya Productions

Dunya Productions seeks to create art and performance that will inspire and impassion their audience to engage with the global struggle for social and political justice. They seek to amplify the voices of the Middle East, North African, and Arab (MENAA+) people as well as other marginalized communities.

They use their group’s diversity and extensive theater and production skills to create a new voice in Seattle. Dunya Productions looks forward to engaging the Seattle community and beyond by producing and creating provocative pieces and supporting the development of new works.