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Please visit our SCM Medical Missions website for more details on all of our aid projects to help the refugees and others in need in the region.

SCM has used its resources, connections, and status to undertake humanitarian missions across the region, conducted by our Humanitarian Aid Division. Past projects include collecting and sending medical supplies to Iraq after the first Gulf War, collecting funds to help support an orphanage and hospital in Cairo during the Arab Spring, and most recently providing humanitarian aid for the benefit of Syrian refugees in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and now Greece.

Dental clinic
Dental clinic

In late 2012 we coordinated the first of many medical missions to Jordan. By teaming with other medical organizations we were able to put together a great group of doctors who traveled to Amman, then spent a week traveling to camps and various villages throughout northern Jordan. They provided medical treatment for wounds and illness, and heard the stories of the Syrian people. Since that first mission we have coordinated and led several more, and continue to plan more for the future and in new locations.

Loading the container with the toys Hasbro donated
Loading the container with the toys Hasbro donated

In addition to coordinating medical missions, we collect medical supplies and equipment, medications, clothing, and cash donations to help support the humanitarian efforts. The items collected in the US are loaded into containers and shipped to Jordan and Turkey. We are working with an amazing shipping company – Emerat Shipping of Anaheim, CA – and they are helping tremendously with the shipping.   

To donate to any of our projects, please click this link to go to our donation page.

When you donate, you can either make a donation to the general fund or specify which project you would like to support. All our help is provided on a volunteer basis – there are no paid staff. You can rest assured that your contribution is having a maximum impact on the beneficiaries of our projects.

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