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Humanitarian Goods covers several different aspects of providing clothing, warmth, hygiene, and raising funds to further our mission.

Hand knitted items for the refugees

First of all, we have an incredible team of people who sew and knit quilts, sweaters, hats, mittens, socks and more for the refugees. They send us the items they make by hand throughout the year and we make arrangements to get them to Jordan and distributed to the refugees. Some items are packed in luggage or packed up and are sent via shipping container. This group is also very active in collecting hygiene kit supplies and putting together packages to be distributed. You can see some of their work in photos below or visit our Facebook page.

Donations being unloaded at Value Village in Seattle

We also take in donations of new and used clothing. New (appropriate) clothing is sent to the refugees and the used clothing is turned into cash by sending it to Value Village. They pay us by the pound, and the money we raise that way is used for various projects as needed. We have conducted several drives already in 2015, and have raised over $6000. If you want to know when the next used clothing drive will be and where you can drop off your donations, be sure to join our email list.


More information is coming about our humanitarian projects, so check back soon!



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