Solar Lantern Initiative

With emerging reports of Syrian refugee camps within Jordan and Lebanon facing fires caused by kerosene, SCM decided to distribute 240 solar lanterns during our March Medical Mission of 2015 in Al- Zaatari Camp, Jordan to pilot this program while accessing the need and speak to Syrians about this issue.

Lack of access to electricity and sustainable energy has resulted in Syrians depending on dangerous methods for light sources and heat. This includes sources like kerosene in environments that are enclosed and pose a fire threat, such as tents and caravans. We have discovered the following issues with kerosene:

  • Health risks: The fumes inhaled are equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes per day. A single kerosene lantern emits up to one ton of carbon over five years.
  • It is highly flammable: Kerosene has caused devastating fires which have resulted in significant burn injuries within refugee communities.
  • The cost of light: Refugee families spend 13% – 25% of their annual household income on fuel for kerosene.
  • Efficiency: They are not bright enough for evening reading or studying. This results with additional use of candles, another concern in cramped spaces.

Tremendously inspired by the individuals met during the mission, we created this solar lantern initiative to invest in the well-being and safety of refugees. Partnering with luminAid, SCM’s mission is to deliver inflatable solar lanterns to remote refugee communities within Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria to deter individuals from depending on dangerous kerosene lanterns that have negative health side effects and cause devastating fires.

SCM believes that every child deserves the ability to study in the evening and every family should be able to see each other in their already dark tent or caravan without going to dangerous extremes. If you agree, please support our Solar Lantern Initiative.