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You too can be a part of the Salaam Cultural Museum! No matter what your specialty is, there’s always room to be part of the SCM team. Check out below for volunteer opportunities and other ways that you and your friends can help out.

SCM Medical MissionsA volunteer on our March 2015 Medical Mission

Since 2012, the Salaam Cultural Museum has been sending teams overseas in order to provide medical aid to Syrian refugees and others affected by the Syrian refugee crisis. So far, we have sent teams to both Jordan and Greece on week-long trips. We currently do not have any missions scheduled, but if you are interested in volunteering on a future mission, please contact linda@scmmedicalmissions.org. She will put you on a list for those interested in future missions.

To stay up to date on out missions and other humanitarian activities to support the Syrian refugees, please visit our other website dedicated solely to those efforts: www.scmmedicalmissions.org 

Humanitarian Goods

Maybe aid missions aren’t for you, or maybe overseas trips aren’t in your schedule. That’s okay! There’s a variety of different items we’re always in need of that are easy to make or assemble right from the comfort of your home

Knitted Items

People all over the world have been knitting and sewing items for us to send to Syrian refugees. These items include baby clothes, adult clothes, blankets, quilts, hats, and pretty much everything in between. Everything can be sent to our office in Seattle where we either pack items into personal luggage or into shipping crates to send to Syrian refugees overseas.

Hygiene KitsExample of a Hygiene Kit

Displaced refugees are in dire need of hygienic materials. Our volunteers have been putting together small packs of hygienic items that we can then send to Syrian refugees. These kits typically include travel-sized toiletry items such as toothpaste, soap, and shampoo, as well as a toothbrush and small washcloth. Kits can also include any additional hygiene or personal items such as combs, nail clippers, lotions, and anything else that can be used by individuals and families on the move.


We also collect donations in all forms. Medical items, clothing, and other items can be shipped to us or dropped off at our office in Seattle.

Check out our Humanitarian Goods page for more examples of what we’ve been given in the past by volunteers. For any other questions, please call at 206-545-7307 or email at linda@scmmedicalmissions.org.


Or maybe you want to just come hang out with us in our Seattle office. Please do! Whether it’s assembling hygieneThank you volunteers! kits, sorting through medical supplies, packing a shipping container, or anything in between, we’re always in need of an extra pair of hands. Feel free to call us at 206-545-7307 or email at info@salaamculturalmuseum.org for more information about volunteering in our office.