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It has been a crazy last couple of days getting ready for the next mission to Jordan.  This mission is being done with NAAMA and SAM and SCM.  We have 34 physicians that will be joining us from across the US, a couple from Turkey and UAE.  They all have different specialties that are very much needed.  These are all volunteers that are taking time from their own jobs to come and help the Syrian Refugees.

We all have extra luggage that we are taking with us from medical supplies to toys for children and also educational games.  This trip will be hard for everyone first the weather is very hot and then we also have a lot more refugees that have come in since our last trip in late March/April.  I myself have four extra bags that are filled with medical supplies.  I carry one small carry one for myself.

Living outside in the Zaatari camp is very hard in the heat of 100 or so degrees – lack of water and not much wind- you really are in a very isolated, dusty dry place and the only cover that you have is your tent.  A shortage of water has hit Amman and all the outlying areas which is a problem with the epidemic of disease.  WE got a notice today that they have 47 cases of Hepatitis A in the camps and they think it will be a pandemic.  We have all been told to get shots, but that will not help since a shot today will not kick in for two weeks and that is the time that we will be coming back.  Everyone will just need to make sure that their hands are clean and that they watch what they are touching.  We have also been told of dysentery, cholera and scabies.

I will be writing and sending messages through the office to keep updated on what we are doing and how the mission is going. Thanks to all the people for their support and messages of blessings to the Syria people- which will definitely be passed on.


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