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This just came in from a friend of mine from Aleppo who is now in Amman, Jordan helping her people, the Syrian refugees. Please see below and help us if you can- remember I am leaving on the 24th Jan with medicines, clothing and dollars to give if you can add more to this by clicking on PayPal and helping that would be wonderful. It will get their faster and be delivered to Reem who will be taking this directly to the families in need.

“Just returned from visiting several Syrian refugee families in and around Amman. The first was newly arrived, sleeping on the floor (no carpeting) and no heaters; second was staying with some relatives until they find home – husband was shot in the leg in Homs and cannot walk (may need operation) they left Zaaari and have nothing: need a home, blankets, heaters. Third was a building of orphans (5 families) – Organization is taking care of their rent but they don’t get any other help. WE NEED PEOPLE TO COMMIT TO HELP THEM (تكفل يتيم) on a regular basis. We are also working on preparing food packages for them. But the WORST situation we witnessed was in an area known as Camp Hitteen (not a tent camp but called such). Saw only one house, but were told there are many families living there. Will go back to visit them Friday. NOBODY knows about these people and no one helps them. The situation of the “homes” is uninhabitable; there is no heating, it is so cold and humid inside – unfit for a child to live in. The boys were heating water on a self-made fire inside a tin can. They need food, clothing, medicine.

PLEASE – I need your help ASAP and I know you won’t let me down.”

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