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It seems this last weekend and up today we have had a lot of things going on in Jordan with the Syrian Refugees.

On Saturday I received a message that we had an epidemic starting in the Al-Hussein camp and in Zaatari camps of scabies. Today, I received a message from the Ministry of Health in Jordan that we have more cases about 300 now and also 8 cases of HIV. With the tight living quarters and also the damp space and unclean facilities this will spread like wild fire in the area of the camps. On top of all this the medication that is needed is not available in Jordan, or shall I say the only amount that we were able to find, thru my good friend Gerri Haynes and thru her pharmacists here for 350 tablets, which we were able to purchase. The cream is available but only in small supplies in Madaba which we found thru another pharmacy and he was able to get 150 tubes that is all they had in the whole country.

These are the medications for this alert if you know of anyone that could help us with this please contact us ASAP
11- Scabies Medications
Permethrin %5 60 gr
12- Lice Medications: Pyrethrins combined with piperonyl butoxide; Brand name products: A-200*, Pronto*, R&C*, Rid*, Triple X*.
Permethrin lotion 1%; Brand name product: Nix*
Malathion lotion 0.5%;Brand name product: Ovide*
Benzyl alcohol lotion (5%);Brand name product: Ulesfia lotion*

The other medications that are in urgent need:

– We need Antibiotics
5- Medications for pediatrics(cough, diarrhea, baby formulas, Antibiotics)
6- Diabetic Medications
7-Cardiac Medications
8- B 12, B complex, Vitamin D
9- Neurontin(Gabapentine)
10- Baclofen

I am leaving on the 21st of March and will be able to take a lot of stuff with me – so if you have any or any doctors that are in private practice and have and want to donate we will take them.

Please help us in anyway that you can or make a donation on PayPal so we can purchase what we need to here and if it is available in Jordan we will purchase it their.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter

This is also another list of things that are needed:

General thoracic No Ortho No
Pluro can-قثطرة جنبية 1 External fixators 1
Rigid bronckscope 2 Plates and screws ( 3.5 – 4.5 ) mm / DCP – LCP
Broad and narrow ( 6 – 10 ) holes 2
Rigid easophagoscope 3
Chest tubes-انابيب تفجير صدر 4 K wires 3
Colostomy bags + bases-قواعد-اكياس كولستومي 5 Sterile gloves 4
Flamazin-فلامازين مرهم 6 Sterile gauze 5
Furasillen-فلوراسيلين مرهم 7 Povidine 5% – 10 % 6
Air mattren-فرشة هواء 8 Omefix ( plaster ) 7
Disposable gloves 8
Crepe bandage 9
Soft band 10
Atrumine AG 11
Aqua cell 12

Headlamp 1
Otic cons 2
Nasal speculum 3
Otic prob 4
Suction tips 5
Laryngeal mirrors 6
Eligator 7
Otic fork 512 8

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