Amman art gallery to hold fundraiser for Syrian Refugees

When our group is in Jordan on the 22nd of March we will be having a fund raiser at an art gallery in Amman. The artist is quite well know and his wife, Alia, runs the Syrian women’s clinic in Camp Hussein in Amman. He has offered to give us 50 percent of the proceeds from the artwork sold to be used to get medicine and also help establish and improve on the women and children’s clinic in the area. If you know anyone in Jordan that might be interested in art and also helping the Syrian Refugees please pass this on to them. The Syrian people can use all the help that we can give them at this time. Things are not getting any better for them and more and more refugees are crossing the borders into Jordan and other countries. Please think of yourself in this situation and of your kids and dig deep to help.

Thank you!


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