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This is a desperate plea for help for the Syrian refugees that are scattered around Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and also Egypt.  There are over 2.5 million people that are displaced and we are still not sure of the numbers since not all the refugee are living in the camps or have registered with their host countries.  Refugees are living in apartments that have been rented for them, but rather than just family or small group, there are maybe 40 to an apartment with two toilets and one kitchen.  The conditions they are living in are unbearable for humans.

No one knows how long this crisis will last, but please, they need your help as a human to a human- child for a child.  We are trying to help in whatever way we can.  I know that people know me for running a tour company and that is probably why you are on this email list, but I am also working on humanitarian issues.  Some of you on this list have gone to Syria and seen the beautiful people and the site and what this country had to offer.  That is no longer the case – so many things have been destroyed, the cities, towns and villages, the people have been crushed and with the rape and torture the honor of the women and kids is gone.  The hope of a normal life for these young kids is gone. Hopefully, god willing, they will get it back but it will take a long time and a lot of hard work.  The Syrians are a brave people, but two years of a war like this is crushing them.  The kids have had no schooling since fleeing to the camps, the professionals have not worked – the work has moved away and they are struck in the world of violence and starvation on a day to day basis.

The 17 or so million people that are still in Syria are not sure from day to day if they will be alive or dead- going out to get food or bread for the family they say good-bye not knowing if they will be returning or not.  There are many that have been injured and are not able to get the medical treatment that they need.  The elderly are still living in Syria since it is too hard for them to leave and make the long journey to get to a neighboring country.  They have to go through check points and no one knows from day to day who is manning them.  The airports are closed most of the time and the main roads are too dangerous to travel, so people are going through back roads and the desert roads.  Can you imagine your grandmother traveling like that for 10 or 15 days on a trip that would normally be two hours? That is what is happening.

Please help us help them. I am leaving for Jordan on the 24th of January with a group of doctors who will be doing some surgeries. We will also evaluate the condition of the children and see what more we can do in the country and what are the real needs besides the stuff we have been told about.  Your donations will help us buy goods, clothing, food, etc., for these families.  Please go to the Salaam Cultural Museum website and donate by clicking on the PayPal button. Every little bit helps.

I thank you in advance and so sorry to have to keep asking for this help.

Rita Zawaideh


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