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I talked to my cousin Ibtesam in Turkey this morning to see about her checking out places near the big towns close to the Syrian border where we could buy blankets to take into Syria.  We are thinking that 30 percent of the blankets will be given out at the border refugee camps and then 70 percent will go inside of Syria to the needy there.

We have people that are in the Renani area that are willing to go and get the goods and then transport them with vans or cars or whatever means to the right people within Syria.

They have also made arrangements with a couple of bakeries in the area that are cooking and the young men are delivering the supplies across the border.  We are not able to tell you the routes they take, I am sure you understand, and it is always changing.  Everyone that has gotten out of Syria and is in the comfort of a home or with relatives is trying to help.  They know what is happening to their fellow country men and women.  I am talking to young kids that have grown up so fast the last couple of months that are working in the relief aid, they are not carrying guns, but getting the humanitarian aid across the borders.

We have found a wholesaler in Turkey that is willing to sell us blankets that are very thick and sturdy at about $7 USD each, and he is selling them by the kilo.  That is so much cheaper than getting them from here and shipping them across and it takes time.  This way we are able to buy them and get them delivered within a week.

If anyone is willing to help through monetary means to get these blankets we will be able to show you receipts and also pictures of the delivery and the pick up- all funds are being used for the goods that we need to buy.  If you can please go to the donate button on the Salaam site and make a donation it will be very helpful.

Please I know that I keep asking for help, but this is so serious , recently we had 7 children that died from the cold weather.  Anything that you can do, any amount you can give, and if you work with a company that is matching we can give you the paperwork to get the matching funds, and also on the web site is the 501c3 status certificate, if you need a copy.

Thank you again.


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