American Doctors Reach Out To Syria

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by NPR’s Tell Me More Staff

May 14, 201312:42 PM

DrZaher-SAMSThe civil war in Syria feels far away for many Americans. But it hits close to home for one Chicago doctor and has pulled him, and many of his colleagues, to the front lines.

Tell Me More host Michel Martin spoke with Dr. Zaher Sahloul, a practicing critical care specialist in Chicago and president of the Syrian American Medical Society.

Sahloul says that for safety reasons, local physicians in Syria have established an underground health care system.

“In every area in Syria,” Sahloul notes, “there is what’s called field hospitals or medical points. These field hospitals and medical points are usually hidden in the basement of buildings or sometimes in natural caves. I’ve seen a field hospital in the mountains of Latakia that is made in a cave — natural cave — because it’s hidden from the authorities. It cannot be bombed and shelled.”

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