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Rita just got back from Anaheim yesterday after going down with Mohomad and Ayman to do a fund raiser for the Syrian Refugees. It was a great trip and she met a lot of good people and collected some money for the orphanage. Muhannad and Suzan did a fabulous job in getting people to come and arranging for the Oud player the restaurant and the food.

The weather was great and we had the reception outside – it was done at the Aleppo Kitchen which had not officially opened yet, this was a soft opening, but they really have good food so go and give them a try. (513 S Brookhurst St, Anaheim CA 92804)

Pls go to our Facebook site and see the pictures that have been posted and comments
Thank you for everyone that came and thank you for the great group of volunteers that we had, speakers and everything.


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