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**Due to technical difficulties, Rita’s report was not posted earlier.**

Video taken at Bab Amr Field hospital in Jobar


We arrived in Jordan for our mission with SAM  Syrian American Medical Association on Friday with 7 bags of clothes and medicines for the refugees.  We were met at the airport by my cousin Basel and we had no problems in getting through customs.  I got to the house
and a couple of hours later went to the airport again to get Beryl and then home and to bed.

On the following day we started a bit late due to not really sleeping much in the evening.  The whole family worked on sorting the clothes and medicines.  The medicine we took to the SAM office for distribution to the hospitals that they are doing the orperations at.  The clothes went to the office of Mercy Corp which we will be meeting the priest that is working with refugees near Irbid.

The rest of the doctors starting arriving today and there is a total of 11 people on this mission. The total amount of drugs that has been brought in are over 10,000 tablets of medicines, besides the different tools.  This is the biggest mission of SAM’s to date.

In the morning we spend time at the office of SAM and dealth with the children and the women that have suffered and we seeing a social workers, about how they got here and how many kids and how to reach them and some of their issues.  The women were pretty open about the kids and the problems they were having og bed wetting and not able to list to parents.  The women wewre from Banias, Homs, Hama and Damasacus. This was a group therapy session and then the social worker got their numbers and names and gave some suggestions , but told them that they should call her if they need anythinhg and she will go to them or next week to come to the office to talk.  The women were v ery affair and you could see from their body language that they were not comfortable , but they did feel that it had to be done, They are more afraid about their kids then anything else and definitly not their problem.

The social worker did the best that she could in a small space and people coming in and out of the room.

The doctors that arrived when directly to the hospital to do some surgeries.

Statrting out early tomrrow on the 28th  at 700am going for a meeting and then everyonew will be going to their different places for surgeries.  We will give you another report and also more footage of what we are seeing and doing.

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