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Inspired by Finland’s attention to safety and to assist new mommies and babies, we have decided to create boxes to prepare new mothers for their newborn’s first year of life. These kits will include everything from clothing to bathing supplies. We hope to have these boxes filled and distributed by fall to Al-Zaatari Camp’s new Delivery Center. We are aiming to ship these kits in a container by the end of July.

Baby Box Sample – from Finland

We are currently collecting the following new or handmade items to include in the box…

For the baby:
Clothing (gender neutral, sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 mos)
-Short and long sleeved onesies* (All sizes needed-but newborn, 6-9 & 9-12 priority)
-Knitted socks*, mittens*, and hat*
-Snug/sleep sack*
-Shoes (for 9-12 months)*
-Light hooded outfit
-Hooded bath towel*
Other Items:
-Burp Cloth
-Cloth diaper set and flannel/towel squares, waterproof diaper pants*
-Teething toy*
-Teddy bear or stuffed animal
-Bath items* such as baby shampoo*, powder*, petroleum jelly/diaper rash cream*, washcloths*
For the mommy:
-Bra Pads*
-Hygiene Kit
-Sewing Kit*
-Postpartum menstrual pads
*Edit 7/16/2015: We kindly request that items marked with asterisks are prioritized at this time, so we may continue the creation of these baby kits before our August 1st container! Thank you!

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