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Day 2: Mobile Clinic Day – or: Clinic going to refugees…

This morning Omar drove to the ancient Roman city of Jarash, located around 50km north of Amman, very close to the Syrian border. While media mainly reports about the thousands of refugees in massive camps, at least as many Syrian refugees fled across the border to strand somewhere in the north of Jordan, like in the city of Jarash and its surroundings, where the concentration of Syrian refugees has reached around 40% in some villages.
Mobile Clinic Station No 1
The house of the mayor of a little village in the outskirts in Jarash served as the first station for the mobile clinic. With the house not being too big, every two medics shared a room in which they received the refugees for consultations and treatments, while the kitchen was turned into a pharmacy and the living room served as a space for children to play while they waited for their turns.
Dr Kaothar from Los Angeles with a young boy from Daraa
Mobile Clinic Station No 2
Capacity- and logistic-wise, Mobile Clinic Station 2 was quite a large-scale undertaking. When we arrived, the Swiss Red Cross had just wrapped up the distribution of cash vouchers to the hundreds of Syrian families in the area. Within half an hour, we turned the abandoned youth centre into a well-functioning clinic. In an incredibly short period of time, the message of our arrival had spread like a wildfire, leading to an exponential growth of the people waiting to be treated. It was striking to see how many young mothers had come to get medication for themselves and their children….

Children want Peace for Syria


Before Jasser joined Omar in the afternoon at the mobile clinic in Jarash, he was helping out translating for medics in another improvised hospital near Irbid, another city close to the Syrian border in the north of Jordan. The cases included depressive mothers having lost their husbands and some of their children, as well as young men having had some of their backs literally broken (several vertebras) after clashes with forces from the regime.
Two young eye doctors from the UK setting up their equipment
 X-ray of the elbow of a young men, he had been treated 2 months ago and wanted to get a double-check.

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