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We will have bins at the Arab Festival at Seattle Center October 12-13, to collect items to go in our next container to Jordan. In addition to pajamas, underwear, and socks for children, you can also donate the following:

– Hand sanitizer
– Vitamins – especially for women & children
– Neosporin or other antibiotic ointment (can get box of one treatment size in Office Depot, for example)
– Burn ointment
– Antiseptic wipes
– Small first aid kits
– Bandages
– Disposable thermometers
– Disposable washcloths
– Hand & foot warmers
– Hydrocortisone cream
– Non-aspirin pain relievers
– ThermaCare (or other brand)

The following medical supplies are also in need. If you have access to any of these items and can get them donated, please bring them to the festival or to our office at 3806 Whitman Ave N, Seattle WA 98103.

– Sterile Surgical Gauze
– Chest tubes
– Central Line Kits ( gauze, Tegaderm®, towel, Alcohol swabstick, ChloraPrep®, Mask with ear loops, Curad® tape, powder-free Vinyl gloves)
– Ambu bags
– ET Tubes
– Surgical Sutures
– Foley catheters
– Neck Collar
– Cautery devices
– Portable Ventilators
– EKG Machines
– Patient Bedside Monitors

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