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I started collecting for the third container…

“For all our friends that are willing to help again or did not have the time to help on our short notice… will be sending another container in 2 weeks to Syrian refugees at the Jordanian border this time. I will start collecting women, men and kid’s clothes, shoes, socks, pajamas and blankets starting this coming Tuesday until the 1st of February.

So if you have any used clothes to donate please drop them any time before the 1st of February at my house, or contact me and I will be happy to meet you at a convenient location to collect them” (please contact us if you want to contribute to this next container)

A touching moment to share with you

I went to the Goodwill store in Bellevue to pick up extra youths clothing.  As I was filling a cart with clothes for younger kids and babies, an older lady who was clearly shopping for herself asked why I was taking so many items.  I explained that it was for the kids in war torn Syria.  She gave me a coupon and said she was planning to use it to get 20% discount on her bill.  She insisted that I use it saying “I want to help!”  This brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the incredible generosity of our community.

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