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This is a container that is going from Seattle to Iskenderun, Turkey, full of blankets, and slightly used clothing, coats, shoes, sweaters that have been donated by a lot of people.  We want to thank you for your support of the Syrian people during their time of need.  The shipping company has been fabulous and got us a rate that we could not ever beat and the trucking company came and picked up the supplies and delivered the container for free.

Supplies loaded into a container bound from Seattle to Iskanderun, Turkey.
Supplies loaded into a container bound from Seattle to Iskanderun, Turkey.

Ayman Hakim, a Syrian, has had the goods in his warehouse and he hired the men today to fill the container.  This is something that he started on his own.  Hearing the news everyday and talking to his family in Hama and in Homs he knew that he had to do something, and he did.  The next container will be going out within a week.  If you have good used or new items for the winter and you want to donate, please give Ayman a call at 425-286-7108 or call me – Rita – at 206-601-1141 and you can drop the items at my place in Wallingford.

If you live on the east side let us know and we can arrange a drop off point for you and then someone will bring the items to us.

Arrangements have been made for the goods to be picked up in Turkey at the dock and delivered to the people inside Syria and also the border towns that really need them. We are also wanting to buy goods in Turkey and get them to the people faster.

Thank you everyone for the great work and all your donations


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