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Medical fund raising event for the people of Syria inside and outside of Syria 

May 19, 2013    4pm – 7pm

at the Aleppo Restaurant

513 Brookurst St, Anaheim, CA, 92804

$45 per person

Salaam Cultural Museum is fundraising for a center for the women and children internally displaced in Syria. Please join us on this evening to benefit humanitarian aid efforts for Syrians in need.

Please join us and help us rescue those in need. The event will include great Aleppo Syrian food, speakers, entertainment and items from artists around the nation to auction off.
The Syrian refugee crisis has reached epic proportions and the number of displaced people is rising by the hour. A great number of those displaced are widowed women and orphaned children. By attending this event, you will be taking part in a humanitarian relief effort to support an orphan and widows refugee camp inside Syria. This camp is secure and run by a solid administration, however; they need all the food, medicine and shelter they can get. Please help us make sure they get it!

Guest speaker to be Announced Soon!

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