Getting Started

Just before the end of 2019, the CEO of SCM Medical Missions and Salaam Cultural Museum announced that she was finally on a path to make one of her longest held ambitions become reality. Salaam Cultural Museum has been a traveling exhibit of cultural artifacts collected from across the Middle East and North Africa over decades of travel throughout the region. Now, it is time to give that collection a permanent home. And so now we are working to secure a building that has been put forward by another non-profit organization as home for Salaam Cultural Museum and all our activities, and provide space to other smaller organization that have a similar mission of inclusive education and cultural resource sharing.

You an follow along on this journey by signing up on our email list to receive newsletters, become a volunteer, or contribute. Standing up a museum is a lot of work and requires an investment of both time and money to get it going. We will be having fundraisers and seeking grants, and we will offer paid memberships to keep the museum going on into the future.

Join us today in making this dream a reality!

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