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Today Rita received a call from a company that she has been working with that supplies medical equipment, including used equipment. They are receiving a large quantity of machines, supplies, and other equipment that they are going to donate to Salaam for the medical missions in Jordan!

The donated equipment and supplies will be enough to fill a container that we will send out immediately to Jordan. This is such a fantastic stroke of good fortune for Salaam and the people we are serving in Jordan. The list of items is below.

Thank you BPI Medical of Fife, WA. We will be coordinating the delivery of the items soon and getting the container loaded and ready to go!

Item Manufacturer



Magic Chef Compact Refrigerator Serial: 0604MCBC580DBT2707 Donate
Magic Chef Compact Refrigerator Serial: 0604MCBC580DBT2698 Donate
Whirlpool Washer & Dryer No model # or serial # seen Donate
Scotsman Ice Machine Heavily used, drop in value Serial: 558041-09D Donate
Amsco Spectrophotometer Serial: 02-29182-041 Donate
Amsco Spectrophotometer Serial: 02-29182-040 Donate
CMP Solution Blanket Warmer Serial: D0321 Donate
Prescotts Inc Mark II Donate
Sony PUM-20M2MDU with remote Donate
Blue office chairs w/ wood arms   Donate
Little office chairs   Donate
HiTach VCR VT-M292A Donate
Sony Printer UP-51MD Donate
Smart Kart 9900 Donate
Sony UP-25MD Donate
Sony Printer Paper UPC-21L Donate
Sony Printer UP25MD Donate
Toshiba DVD Player D-R410 Donate
Narkomed 2B Anesthesia Machine Donate
Narkmed 2B Anesthesia Machine Donate
Narkmed 2B Anesthesia Machine Donate
Panasonic PV-U402 VCR Donate
Compumed System 507 Donate
Castle incubation 61301600055 Donate
RMD Instruments GPS Donate
MetroMax Carts Donate
Assorted Ring handed instruments  (500 or so pieces) Donate
Assorted Vice Grips Donate
Synthes Fixation System Donate
Equator Warming System Donate
Equator Warming System Donate
Conmed DetachaTip 1-1010 Donate
Storz Scope 2700-5 Donate
Assorted Miscellaneous Urology Parts Donate
Pilling 50-6890 Donate
Assorted Stainless Donate
Storz 277-AA Donate
Wolf Unknown Donate
Assorted General instruments Donate
Assorted Bionx Implants Donate
Mitek Anchors Unknown Donate
Assorted Bone Screws Donate
Miltek Vapor Set Donate
Arthrex Shoulder Instruments Donate
Micoaira Blades Donate
Assorted K Wires Donate
Assorted Light handles Donate
Assorted Assorted Microscope parts Donate
Assorted Assorted Microscope instruments Donate
Menisal Repair Needleds Donate
Atlantech Spinal Donate
Muller Assorted Instruments Donate
Olympus 810048 Donate
Biomx Crossbow Kit Donate
Linvatec 87012 Donate
Assortment Instrument Pans Donate
Medcart Rolling Cart Donate
3M 87K Arthro Pump Donate
Linvatec Athro Pump E9000 with foot petal Donate
Doboy Doboy Sealer 952484 Donate
Lumex Recycling Chair Side Tables Donate
Midmark 5200 Table Donate
Assorted Small rolling carts (8 total) Donate
Assorted IV Poles (10 total) Donate
DRE Tilt Stretcher Donate
Assorted Computers & Monitors Donate
Castle Steam Sterilizer Donate

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