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Each day is set a program for the doctors as to where they will be going to work. The program starts out at 8am or 8:30am depending on when we get back in the evenings and it will continue until they finish seeing patients.

The clinics are open and we let the people know in the area that we will be coming in with doctors and medication so that they can come by and get treatment and pick up the free medicine. When we go to the hospital the doctors will write prescriptions for the patients and have them come back later that day or the next day and we will fill them with the medicines that we have purchased and give to them for free. On this trip since we did not get all the medications in from the airport yet, we would tell the patients’ relative or friend – who ever came in with them – to go to the pharmacy in the same building and get the prescription filled and then come up and we would give them the money to pay for it. I was doing that all day yesterday when I was in one of the hospitals and the people needed to get the medicine ASAP.

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