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One of the things we do to help as many people as possible is coordinate with other organizations. In Jordan, we have a warehouse that keeps all the goods we send over by container – all of your donations of clothing, blankets, medical equipment, etc. What we don’t have is a large staff and fleet of trucks to deliver the donations where they are needed all the time. Some items, like the food packages, are distributed from the warehouse, but sometimes we need to get them to a different location to distribute. Some items we take with the mission teams and distribute them then, but that is only every couple of months, and our mission vans are pretty tightly packed with supplies and mission volunteers.

In order to get more of these donations out to the people in need, we work with other local organizations in Jordan who come and take the donations to a camp or village they work with and distribute the items there. We ensure the organization is legitimate and know where the items are going, so we know they are going to people in need. We have posted some photos before of two other organizations picking up a truckload of goods from the warehouse but didn’t really explain what was happening, other than the donations were being distributed.

The pictures in this post are of two Jordanian organization  – Umm Rassas and the Orthodox Church of Madaba – picking up a load of clothing and supplies and taking them to another town where they will be distributed to the local population of refugees. The refugees are Syrian, Palestinian, and Iraqi. Umm Rassas distributed the goods to 400 families and the church distributed to 100 families.

This particular load of donations came from the Maram Foundation of Houston, TX. They loaded a container and we split the shipping cost with them to send it to Jordan and are storing the items in our warehouse there until they are distributed.

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