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I spent the day today (Saturday) going to the new camp being built in Mrejeeb Al Fhood this is near Zakra which is about 1 1/2 hours outside of Amman. We traveled through a military area to get there and it is all desert. The good thing about this area is everyone will have a small pre-fab home and there is a good supply of water and restrooms, 4 schools and solar engery to keep the camp going. The camp on the outside looks very nice and clean , the Jordanian military just finished it and the new tenants will be coming in.


The camp has a mosque, commercial space, 4 schools, public kitchens in each areas of 50 pre-fab homes, and the same for the restrooms.  They are not wanting to give the people keys to the doors, so they do not think that this is permanent.  Most people would not want to stay, anyway, and they want to go to their own place that they know and love.


They have solar engery to keep the water hot.  Looks like a nice place but let us see what happens after youg  get the 5000 people. 5 people in each home is still a tight squeeze into the limited space.  No sense of privacy at all.  They also have two tents for the orhans.

Sorry I have to finish later I am exhausted for now.

mrejeeb-camp5 mrejeeb-camp4 mrejeeb-camp3

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