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There is no end in sight for the Syrian crisis- every day we hear about more Syrians leaving their country and coming across to neighboring countries- Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq. These countries have opened their doors and their hearts to their Syrian brothers and sisters, but the resources and the funding is running out. The United Nations has mentioned in recent days that the funding that has been contributed by the international groups will be gone by June. Once that happens programs to provide clean drinking water to the camps will be cut off, the vaccinations to the many children will be stopped- we will get outbreaks of measles and other disease and that will kill the children.

We are now into April and the weather is starting to get warmer in the day and still cool in the evenings. Water has always been a problem in Jordan and with the influx of over 1.2 million people in the two years -these are the people in the camps and also ones that are not in camps, official numbers are not always right so no one knows for sure how many are in Jordan or even in the other countries. We keep stating that this is a major humanitarian crisis way beyond what anyone has anticipated. We need more people to step up to help. We are not able to depend on the international community to be the only ones helping. We need individuals to commit as much as they are able to spare . Please put Syria and the Syrian children into your budget and commit to give on a weekly basis. We are not asking you for a huge amount individually, but if each person that receives this email and then sends this to their friends will give at least $5.00 a week or maybe $20 a month we will be able to help support some of the projects that are helping these people.

Everyday I get an email from someone in Jordan that is working with us on the ground and they state:

1. We have a case of a nine year old boy (Syrian) that has MSUD (Maple Syrup Urinary Disorder/a metabolic disorder also called branched-chain ketoaciduria) this could be fatal and he has to follow a strict diet – he needs specific dietary intake called MSD Complex and this is expensive in Jordan . They are looking for a donation of $400 a month for his medicine and looking for several months of donations.

2. 4 month old girl with Retinoblastgoma, her name is Maryam Atewi who lives in the Zaatari camp with her family- expensive operation with MRI and chemo- this will run up to $10,000

3. A young boy in Aleppo, that has a heart problem we are trying to get him out with one parent and take him to Turkey and then fly to Jordan for medical operation- this might be under $5,000

The list of pleas for specific needs goes on and on. How do we pick who we can help and not help? How can we say “no, sorry we do not have the funds to do this”? The child will lose his life or live handicapped and there is no reason for this.

How do we give treatment to the young girls that have been raped and have no idea of what has happened to them – they do not understand what is happening to their bodies as they get pregnant.

We are hearing of more and more cases of abandoned babies near hospitals and at garbage dumps. Women that have been raped and don’t want to keep the baby are delivering the baby themselves  but then they don’t know what to do with it. There are some that are having abortions due to the circumstances of how they got pregnant- these are inside of Syria and outside. What will they go through? And who will be taking care the abandoned newborns? They had no choice – a decision was not given to them.

Please help us help as many people as we can. We are totally a non profit and everyone that works with us is a volunteer. We have some great people working on the ground in Jordan and also here in the US. The doctors that are participating in the medical mission are taking their own time to come and help and then coming back and spreading the word that this is something that people need to really see to believe that this can be happening in this century.

Please go to the PayPal button and click to donate, or if you want send a check to SCM at  3806 Whitman Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 and add to the memo line Syrian refugees.

We thank you for all the support you have given and know that you are all trying , but please try harder, this is really a desperate situation and make a commitment to do so on a regular basis.

Thank you


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