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I just got out of a hot shower and never felt so guilty as I do now.  All I was doing was thinking about the families that do not have the water or the place to even have this small luxury that we all take for granted.  I was thinking of the refugees that have to share bathrooms with about 100 people or more. They have no facilities in their tents and the toilets are far from them.

We all go camping for a few days are a week or so, but we always know we will be coming home to a hot shower and a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Try and image that something happened in the States and you had to leave suddenly – do you have a passport, or other important documents, would you have cash to live on and for how long – the banks are not open and the ATMs are not working and you get out with the clothes on your back. This is what happened to the Syrians.

We talked to a number of women at the office of SAM – some of them walked with their children and got to the border and were taken by the soldiers to the camp to be registered then went on their way to find relatives they could stay with until they find their own apartments, which are getting more and more expensive these days. They are afraid and not sure what to do and how to survive.  Some of the stories we were told which I will write about later will make you cry.

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