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The next medical mission will be from November 15-22, 2013. Arriving in Amman on  the 15th, get settled at the hotel, then begin work on the 16th. We will finish working on the 21st or 22nd. If you would like to join this mission, please contact our office and speak to Rita at 206-545-7300 or email rita@caravan-serai.com.

We have a need not only for doctors, but also many other specialties in the medical profession, including mental health care. We also need people who just want to help.

The mission coordinators will organize everyone into teams for daily assignments to clinics, hospitals, child care centers, rehabilitation centers, and camps. Many of the clinics are make-shift, and we will see hundreds of people who desperately need help for a variety of injuries and illnesses.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please have them contact us as soon as possible. We ask that each volunteer pay for their air, hotel, and meals, and if possible, bring donated supplies (a list of needs in on recent post). Just call us and we can let you know all the details.

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