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kids4The pictures that you see are going to  be the new generation of Syrian.  These are the orphans they have lost their families and their relatives.  Usually, in the Middle East we do not have what is called adoption as here in the US or other places.  In the Middle East since it is usually a very extended family with relatives of aunts, uncle cousins that can take the children in, if need be.  But since this war in Syria has killed so many and taken whole families and whole villages have been destroyed, we have children with no one in their immediate family to help them.  They need a place to stay and adults to help and supervise them.  Some of them in the northern part of Syria are living in caves and eat what whatever they can get.  We want to take over an old building and re-do it and make it an orphanage for them- have adults there to help them and make sure that they get the right nutritious foods, supervision, and protection.  We want to have a nurse that is there full time to take care of their injuries and just basic medical needs.  Please, to do this we need your assistance and we need it badly.  We are not sure where all the kids are at , but we have been able to locate a group of about 40 that we can start with, and then go from there.

kids3These are the children that are still in Syria.  You also have the orphans that have been able to make it to Jordan with adults that have found them and brought them into the country.  These orphans have their own caravan that has been set up for them and people that come in and check on their needs and make sure that they are going to a school in the camps and maybe we will be able to find a relative or a family member that might be in a hospital or somewhere in Jordan.

kids1This is a situation that needs help from the world and also all the local communities.  We as human beings can’t afford to sit around and hope that these governments will be sending the aid that they are pledging and it will make it to the right hands.  It is smaller organization that are able to do this.  Also, organizations that we have seen on the ground that are working is Mercy Corp, Save the Children, UNICEF so please support whoever you feel comfortable with , but do support.

I will be going back in mid-March with another group of doctors to try and help again and get the needed medicines and also the medical equipment that we are collecting.  We are not collecting clothes any longer.  We are needing money and also vitamins for the children and adults, and pre-natal vitamins for the women who are pregnant.  Some of the medicines I purchased there on the last trip since it was a lot cheaper than to get them here in the US.


Please help us if you can- go to the donate button and give what you are able to – please every bit helps.

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