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Every day we hear more and more horror stories about what is happening in Syria.  It is breaking my heart to know that all I can do, and others like me, is try to make the lives of the people who have fled their country a bit easier for them during this time of crisis.

The Syrians are fleeing to whatever border is closest to them.  The neighboring countries are taking them in, but the inflow of people is putting a huge strain on the resources of those countries. There is also the fear that the Assad regime might decide to bomb on the borders, causing a huge logistical nightmare.

The Iraqi government is keeping the refugees in camps, due to security reasons, and not letting them out to go stay in homes of relatives or friends.  The Lebanese are letting them in to the country but only for a limited period of time and also they are not free to wander anywhere in the country.  Turkey is taking in a lot of the wounded since that is where they have developed the field hospitals. Turkey is helping with the medical equipment and supplies that are needed.  Jordan is also taking in refugees and providing shelter at camps or in schools.  There will be a problem when the schools open soon for classes – where will the refugees go then?

Various NGO’s have camps set up but very limited supplies.  The number of refugees is being stated at over half a million now and more flee Syria every day.  With the limited resources of the religious institutions, governments, and NGO’s, the public needs to help out.  We need the help of people living here in the West to make life a bit easier for these families who have left everything behind except what they could carry in their arms and on their backs. They have no idea of where they will be going and what will happen to them.  We have no idea of how long this crisis will last and when it does end what will the situation be like?

We really need you to reach deep into those pockets and see what we can do to help get basic food and medical supplies to the people.  The weather is harsh right now in Jordan and the surrounding areas.  It is in the 90-100 degrees during the day – very limited water supplies and definitely no air conditioning.

Please do whatever you can to help – $5, $10, anything will make a difference. Once we total this up we might be able to help a couple hundred families.  Try and imagine this happening to you and your kids- people knocking on the door at 3am and asking you to leave or you will be killed – you will do whatever it takes to keep your kids alive and that is what these families are doing. Just click the Secure Donations PayPal button to the right and make your contribution today.

Thank you in advance for your help and thanks to those that have already given.  If you are not able to give at this time please keep the people and especially the kids in your prayers.


Rita Zawaideh

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