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Most of the time, when we overhear conversations of strangers going on around us, we ignore them and don’t pay any attention. However, sometimes these conversations can turn into something really important. First I need to thank Anita for picking up on a conversation, listening, and having the gumption to ask, and secondly a big THANK YOU to the people for donating. Here is what happened…..

I received a call last night from a friend, Anita, who was telling me that she overheard a conversation at the grocery story of a woman telling a friend that she had a lot of medicines and other medicinal items from an uncle that had passed away and did not know what to do with them. The items had never been used and she did not want to just discard them. My friend, who never listens to other people’s conversations said she could not believe what she was hearing and started talking to the woman to tell to her she knew of an organization that was collecting these kinds of items for the Syrian Refugees and was bound for Jordan to deliver these much needed supplies. They started to talk and exchanged numbers. Anita called me when she got home and relayed the information. I was so excited at the idea I may be getting these items for our humanitarian trip. The woman even had male diapers which is something we really need, besides all the medical supplies.

I received a call from the woman and she wanted to donate all of the medical supplies, and in our conversation she realized that I was also collecting furnishings and household items for the Iraqi refugees in the area. She donated all of her Uncle’s estate as well.

It was a great conversation, that resulted in much needed help for the refugees of both Syria and Iraq. This was the result of a random, overheard conversation at the grocery store – the right people in the right place at the right time! Sometimes eavesdropping can have wonderful results, so go ahead, listen in for a minute on what is going on around you – you never know when a connection like this one might be made.

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