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Yesterday the news read “ The number of Refugees fleeing Syria has hit a million”

That is about 5 percent of the population of Syria- the population is registered at 22 million people, but there might be more as that was a figure from early 2012. About half the people that are fleeing Syria are children under the age of 11 years, this is a figure from UNHCR. They arrived in neighboring countries “traumatized, without possessions and having lost members of their families or all their family members.”

“With a million people in flight, millions more displaced internally, and thousands of people continuing to cross the border every day, Syria is spiraling towards full-scale disaster,” U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said. “We are doing everything we can to help, but the international humanitarian response capacity is dangerously stretched. This tragedy has to be stopped,” he added.

The statement said that Lebanon’s population had increased by “as much as 10 per cent,” while Jordan’s energy, water, health and education services “are being strained to the limit.”

The different NGO’s and other organizations working in the region are not able to handle the major flow of humanity that is coming into the countries. The situation in Jordan is very serious and the government there is not sure how many more people it can take in. Also, with the spread of disease in the camps and also in the cities, that is starting to infect the local population besides the refugees and not enough medicines to care for all.

People like ourselves have to get involved we are not able to just sit on the sidelines and watch. So please people, all we ask is a bit of help from everyone just to get these people comfortable and help to make them feel human. These people had to leave all their possessions behind and just come with what they had right then and there.

Most NGO’s are so strained that they can only give them blankets, tent, some rations of food and water – that is all. We have to be able to do the rest. They need medications, vitamins, warm clothing, basic living essentials.

To date we have been able to send in 3 containers full of clothing for the winter. The last container that went out had medical supplies in it. The next container we have is almost full of medical supplies- wheelchairs, walkers, canes, hospitals beds etc. We have had some wonderful people in this area and also some great medical supply houses that have given the items to us for free. A fabulous shipping company out of Los Angelos that has taken the shipments for free and a trucking company that has picked up the items for the container for free. This has helped in that whatever funds we are receiving are being used for the people of Syria. We are 100 percent giving everything that we get and nothing is being kept for administration. This is a real non-profit.

People like you are helping the people of Syria and we want to thank you for this, but we also need you to spread the word and get others to do the same. The situation is getting worse, not better. We still have more and more refugees crossing the borders, fleeing the battles around them. No one has any idea of when this will be resolved. So please help the people of Syria.

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