Requested Supplies for Spinal Cord Injury Clinic for the Syrian Refugees

This is a list of supplies requested for the Spinal Cord Injury Clinic that was set up for the injured refugees coming from Syria into Jordan. We are collecting funds to buy the medical supplies in Jordan. The next mission will be in March.

Supplies Needed in quantities to sustain for life of SCI Individual:
1. Multipodus boots
2. Inflatable Air Mattress
3. Vinyl covered pillows
4. Fitted twin sheets
5. Cloth underpad
6. Resting arm splints
7. Universal cuff
8. Catheter straps
9. Disposable leg bag large
10. Theraband elastics
11. Moisture Barrier Cream
12. Duoderm
13. Wheelchair cushions
14. Wheelchairs
15. Compression hose
16. External condom adult
17. Lubricating topical gel
18. Stump shrinkers
19. Alginate dressing
20. Bandages
21. Slideboards
22. Reachers
23. Gloves
24. Hand Gel
25. Protein supplements for patients with wounds

Medications needed in large qty for life of SCI Individual
2.bisacodyl tabs and supp
3. miralax
4. Colace
5. Gabapentin
6. Cranberry Supplement

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