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We are starting on our third container. This one will be going to Jordan – the first one went  to Iskenderun, Turkey, the border town between Turkey and Syria. The second one, leaving on Tuesday, will be going to the same place, and since we are getting more goods we are sending that to Jordan.

We will keep collecting until we find no need. We will always be collecting funds and also the clothes for now. The money has been used to purchase blankets and flour from Turkey.

The medicines and other hygiene products are being taken by people traveling into the region and we have people meeting them at the airports to take the goods to the Syrians that are outside the camps that are working for non profits and know where to distribute and who needs what. Better then us, since we know the general needs but not specifically who is more in need.

People have been very generous and we want to thank the community and friends for all their support. We couldn’t be doing it without your help.

We are getting calls from organizations other cities wanting to connect up with us and we are helping them by passing on our contacts.

Thank you all again and I will be keeping you all posted once in Amman with the medical mission at the end of this month of what we are doing, and Ayman will be giving reports on his Turkey trip.

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