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“it is 4 pm, no more patients allowed to the clinic at the camp, a man rushing to the gate carrying his few month old baby screaming for help, Dr Alwani, stopped at the middle of the yard to check on the patient, one look he told me she is 20% dehydrated, he asked me to take her to the hospital now otherwise she will die..
we are in the middle of the dessert, where do i take her…….you can figure out the rest”

“The father approached me at the camp, told my son cannot urinate, for how long I asked, for days he said, I looked at the 6 years old kid, I started asking him questions, he starred at me, did not answer any of my questions, he looked me in the eye and tear drops start purring out his eyes, not a word, just tear drops.
a human can only take so much…”

“9 years old with a broken arm, lying in bed, stoned face with no expression, asked her about her name, Rawia she said, Are you in pain, No she replied, many question I asked, very short answers she replied, do you want a toy, No, do you want an IPAD, No, do you want anything, My DAD she said. I left the room, her physicians told me, we just told her that her dad died in the ICU, he was badly injured, a rocket was coming towards him and his daughter, he turned and hugged his daughter, the hug saved Rawia and took his life …….”


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