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The phone lines and the internet just came on in Syria.  I got an email from my cousin Faez and I called him right away and got through.  My heart felt so good hearing him and the whole family and talking to them all .  It was 3am but they were awake.  The fighting now is going on very close to their house.  This is the new quarter of Aleppo and the place that was not feeling the fighting but it was feeling the pressure of electricity blackouts and the lack of water, etc.  They are very scared since no one knows what will happen.  There is no more bread and the food supplies are very low.  It is only the canned goods that they have at home that they are eating and the lights are flicking on and off so they are not sure when they will go off again.

The FSA and the military of Bashar are both in the area and fighting each other.  When this has happened in other areas the rebels go into the homes of the residents to take cover or the military will go into the homes to see if the residents are hiding anyone.  The innocent civilians are in the middle of all this.

We were talking about how they can get out and take his sick mother, but it is impossible to go to the airport – planes are not flying and the road is being bombed.  The road to Turkey is too far for her to try and make it.  He is also waiting for the paper work of his wife to get a passport so they might be able to try the road to Turkey for his wife and daughter to get out and he will stay with his mother and see what happens.  I feel so lost in knowing what to do to help.

In this day and age with modern technology all I can do it talk on the phone and check on them, but no way to get food or any supplies into them.  We are getting supplies to the camps on the borders, but that is it.  The people that are in the cities are not receiving any of this and we still have over 70 percent of the population in the country.  The people that were able to make it out recently have been the villagers that live near the borders of Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraqi.  The others in Hama, Homs, Aleppo etc are stuck.

May god keep them safe until the western world decides to get involved and give the rebels either weapons or take out Bashar, I do not know , but something has to be done.
It is the innocent that are being hurt the most.

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