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Syria Update, November 12, 2012 (Institute of Middle Eastern, Islamic and Strategic Studies. By Sherifa Zuhur)

Early death toll: 107

There was a report that the FSA reportedly gave embassies in Damascus 72 hours to leave and then a report which denied that news.

A deal was hammered out between Syrian opposition groups on the following points:

They agreed:

  • To form a National Coalition of the Forces of the Syrian Revolution and Opposition open to all factions.
  • To work for the fall of the Bashar al-Assad government and all of its entities, and to destroy its security organizations and prosecute those who engaged in crimes against Syrians.
  • To not take part in dialogue or negotiations with the regime.
  • That the statutes of the coalition (discussed) determined the composition of representation.
  • To support revolutionary military councils to be unified under a supreme military council – has a judicial and other commissions.
  • To form a provisional government & call for a general congress once the Assad government falls.

The Arab League approved the new opposition group as did the GCC states (see below). http://english.alarwww.abiya.net/articles/2012/11/12/249215.html

Aleppo province: Clashes occurred in Bustan al-Qasr. The Syrian military shelled al-Zahra. The Syrian military shelled the neighborhoods of al-Sakhour, al-Sukari and al-Sha`ar. A sniper killed 2 in the neighborhood of Maysaloun. Violent clashes near the Air Intelligence Branch between al-Nusra Front and other opposition groups and the Syrian military.
The Syrian military shelled the town of Kafrhama. Clashes took place between the Syrian military and the opposition at the edge of the 46th battalion. Mortar shells fell on the Kafrhamra town.

Damascus province: Heavy shelling by rockets on the Yarmouk camp. 7 were killed there (1 had been previously wounded) – the area between the camp and Tadamon has been heavily shelled by the Syrian military and civilians are fleeing.

A bomb exploded on (or under) a bus in the town of Mu`adamiyya and a civilian was killed at a checkpoint in that town. Two opposition fighters were killed in Aqraba and 3 civilians killed in shelling on the town of Saqba. Two men were killed in Harasta, one by a sniper and the other in clashes.

The Syrian military resumed shelling on Zamalka and Mu`adamiyya, and shelled Irbeen, Harasta, Shifuniya and Yalda.

Clashes took place in Irbeen.

The Syrian military shelled the town of Hamouriyya causing several casualties. The Syrian military shelled the towns of Thiyabiyya and Sayyida Zeinab. The bodies of 4 men were found in al-Thiyabiyya.

Dara`a province: The Syrian military heavily shelled Basr al-Harir and al-Harak today. The Syrian military shelled the town of Othman.

Deir az-Zor province: Shelling resumed by the Syrian military on the neighborhoods of al-A’rdi and al-Sheikh Yasin in the city of Deir az-Zur. An opposition commander was killed in clashes in the city today. Two car bombs went off on the al-Bukamal bridge. Shelling resumed on al-Boukamal.

The opposition damaged a Syrian military helicopter today near the al-Hamdan military airport near al-Boukamal. It landed in the Hawi al-Ghabra area and it was reported that its crew escaped, and another Syrian helicopter destroyed the aircraft so the opposition could not seize it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6Rga50vZco&feature=youtu.be

Hassake province: The Syrian military shelled the town of Ra’s al-`Ain, killing 16, injuring at least 40. Targets in this town had been taken by the opposition on Thursday. The Syrian military shelled the town of Seri, killing 7.

Kurdish Popular Protection units of the Democratic Union Party took control of al-Malkiya and Syrian security forces retreated.

Clashes took place near a Syrian military checkpoint (which is normally heavily staffed with 75 Syrian troops) in Asfar Najar. The opposition has surrounded the checkpoint, and a Syrian regime helicopter has been bombarding the area to.

Homs province: The Syrian military shelled the neighborhood of al-Khaldiyya. The Syrian military shelled al-Rastan killing a man and a child. The Syrian military shelled the neighborhood of Deir Ba`lba and clashes took place there. The Syrian regime shelled the village of A’qrab in the al-Hula area and the village of Jousiyya on the outskirts of al-Qseir.

Latakia province: The Syrian military heavily shelled Jabal Akrad.

Quneitra province: Clashes in the village of Bi’ir Ajam resulted in the deaths of 3 opposition fighters.

Al-Raqqa province: The Syrian military shelled by air the town of Dabsi A’fnan. Heavy clashes are taking place in the town between fighters of the al-Nusra front and other opposition groups and the Syrian military.

Tartous province: An explosion shook the city of Banyas.

Abductions: The Syrian government continues to deny holding American journalist Austin Tice. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/11/12/world/meast/syria-missing-journalist/index.html

International: The GCC states – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait have decided to recognize the new National Coalition of the Syrian opposition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people in a statement today by the GCC Council.
Talks were held in Cairo by Arab foreign ministers on Syria to determine support for the new Syrian opposition entity and the League agreed to support the Coalition. http://english.alarwww.abiya.net/articles/2012/11/12/249215.html

Ahead of this meeting with Lakhdar Brahimi and Nasser al-Qudwa, Brahimi met with Nabil al-Araby who heads the Arab League. The new national Coalition of the Syrian opposition’s leaders is headed by Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib with Riad al-Saif and Suhair al-Atassi as deputies.

The Syrian air force struck Jilan Bnar, a Turkish border town, injuring 6.
Israel fired at Syria after a shell hit near an army post the Israeli-held Golan Heights.
The International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent made an appeal today for donors to give 32.3 million Swiss francs to provide aid to the more than 170,000 Syrian refugees now in Turkey.

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