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Syria Update, September 14, 2012 (Institute of Middle Eastern, Islamic and Strategic Studies. By Sherifa Zuhur)

Current death toll: 97
Yesterday’s revised death toll: 190


More than 2,000 of Syria’s schools have been destroyed or badly damaged and 801 are being used as shelters by homeless families. This presents quite a challenge at the outset of the school year, set to begin on September 16th. UNICEF has had its activities limited and has only been able to operate in Dar`a, the outskirts of Damascus and Latakia. Syrian children in refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey and outside of camps in Lebanon are also affected. http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=42889&Cr=syria&Cr1=#.UFPnvWAuihY
Friday protests
Friday protests against the Assad regime and in solidarity with the destroyed cities and towns following the juma`a prayer took place. Certain protests also denounced the film “Innocence of the Muslims.” Protests were held in:

Aleppo city: in the neighbouhoods of al-Ashrafiya, Bustan al-Qasr, al-Furqan, Qadi A’skar, Masaken Hanano, al-Khaldiya, and Tariq al-Bab.

Aleppo province: al-Atareb, Abeen, al-Abzamo, Anjara, al-Bab, Batbo, al-Safeera, al-Abzamo, Ratyan, al-Bab, Tuqad, al-Jeena.

Dar`a province: The towns of Nahta, al-Karak al-Sharqi, Inkhil, al-Yaduda, and Kharbat Ghazala; also in the Sad neighbourhood of the city of Dara`a.

Hama Province: In the neighborhoods of al-Sabuniya, Junub al-Mal’ab, Gharb al-Mashtal, Tareeq Halab, Bab Qibli, al-Qusur, and al-A’lailat in the city of Hama. Syrian regime forces attacked protesters in Sabuniya by throwing hand grenades. Also in the towns of Kafarzaita, Halfaya, and al-Latamna, and the village of Khaldiyya village.

Damascus province: in al-Hajar al-Aswad, al-Zahira al-Qadima, Mokhayam al-Yarmuk, (Yarmuk camp) and in the towns of A’rbeen, Harasta, Kafarbatna, and Yabrud.

Idlib province: In the towns and villages of Areeha, Bansh, Sarmeen, Ihsim, Kafartakhreem, Kafaryahmul, Has Kafruma, Ma’arhama and elsewhere. In the city of Idlib, many security forces were deployed to prevent protests.

Latakia province: in Masyaf Salma.

Shellings, clashes, deaths

Aleppo Province: Syrian military shelling on neighbourhoods of Bab al-Nasr, Bustan al-Qasr, Heidariyya, al-Mayser, al-Sukari, al-Zabdiya and al-Sakan al-Shababi killed 5 civilians. The Syrian military also shelled al-Midan, al-Halk, Bab al-hadid, al-Sakhour, and al-Shaykh Fares neighborhoods. Numerous (“dozens”) of unidentified corpses were found in the al-A’thama neighborhood. The al-Sukkari neighbourhood was shelled last night (it has been shelled nightly. Clashes began again in the Itha’a neighbourhood, and also in al-Midan, Sleiman al-Halabi and al-Shaykh Fares.
One person was killed by a sniper in Bustan al-Zahra and one woman was found dead in Salahaddin along with three unidentified bodies.

Syrian military shelling on al-Bab killed 7 civilians. The Syrian military shot a civilian from Jarablos en route to Damascus. 1 from the Jarablus city was shot by regime forces while on the way to the city of Damascus. The Syrian military also shelled Deir Hafir, Maskan Hreitan, A’ndan, al-Ataret, Kafrkamin and Tadef as clashes took place for a second day near the Mangh military airport. A man was found dead after being executed in the village of Tal Ayoub.

Damascus Province:

Clashes occurred in the Tishrin neighborhood of the al-Qaboon area. The Syrian military is shelling and clashing with opposition in al-Hajar al-Aswad and al-Qadam. A sniper killed a man in the A’sali neighborhood. The Syrian regime has been carrying out raids and arrests in al-Midan and Nahr `A’isha in Damascus. An unidentified body which had been tortured was found in al-Qadam. Deaths were reported in Sayyid Zainab.

The Syrian military have been shelling Duma, Yabrud, and A’rtuz. 2 civilians died from injuries in the raids on Mazra` neighborhood of Harasta yesterday. Clashes occurred between the Syrian military and opposition in the town of A’rbeen. An unidentified corpse who had been tortured was found in the city of Qatana.

The Syrian military also used artillery on the city of Duma after midnight and at dawn in addition to the shelling and 2 civilians were killed. The Syrian military arrested a Muslim cleric and his wife in Duma and clashes were heard near the town hall. At least 15 Syrian troops were killed or injured when their vehicle was targeted. Helicopters circled and fired on the city.

The Syrian military shelled al-Zabadani today.

Dara`a province: Helicopters targeted the houses of several rebel fighters in the Busra al-Sham town and 11 civilians were killed there. Syrian military forces traveled to different towns in the countryside of Dara`a to try to stop protests today. Raids were carried out in the town of Ghabagheb. The Syrian military carried out shelling on Heit, Inkil and al-Kerk al-Sharqi.

In the morning, the Syrian military carried out raids in the neighborhood of Kashef in Dara`a and arrests.

Deir az-Zur province: The leader of the Jabhet al-Nusra (the al-Nusra battalion) was killed in clashes with the Syrian military in al-Hasaka.

The Syrian military shelled the villages of al-Sial al-Gharbi, Hasrat and al-Baq’an, which are part of the outskirts of al-Boukamal. Seven deaths were reported due to shelling by the Syrian military on the city of Boukamal, including on the Ba’jeen neighborhood and the Quriya area. Clashes were reported at the al-Jusr checkpoint.

The Syrian military bombarded the town of Shaheel using warplanes.

Hama province: The Syrian military heavily shelled the villages of Jabal Shahshabo, Kawkab, Krah and Teebat al-Isim.

A violent explosion was reported in the western sector of al-Mashtal in the city of Hama. were heard.

Homs province: The Syrian military shelled the town of Hula. The Syrian military carried out an ambush in the city of Qseir which killed an opposition fighter. The Syrian military shelled al-Rastan and al-Qseir.

Idlib province: State security was very heavy in the city of Idlib near all the mosques to try to prevent protests today.

The villages and towns of Jabal al-Zawiya, al-Neyrab, and al-Kastan in Reef Idlib were all bombarded by regime forces late at night.
Clashes between the Syrian military and the opposition took place in Abu az-Zuhor killing a woman and three children. One person from the town of Hazano was tortured to death by regime forces. One person died from wounds incurred previously in Ma’arat al-Nu`man.

The Syrian military shelled the villages and towns of al-Bsheiriyya, al-Ghadafa and Kafartakhreem after midnight last night.

Latakia province: Syrian military shelling on Nahiet Kansaba killed a woman and three children.

Lakhdar Brahimi, the Arab League-U.N. Special Envoy to Syria met with an opposition group, but not with the most important groups such as the Free Syrian Army. Instead he met with a group which is tolerated by President Assad, the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change. http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/international/15-Sep-2012/brahimi-meets-syrian-opposition


The IAEA believes that the Deir az-Zur site is most likely a reactor that should have been reported to the agency by the government of Syria under its current agreement. It was not, and Robert Woods complained that the Syrian government is showing contempt for the IAEA and using its repression of the Syrian people as an excuse to avoid compliance with inspections.
yria’s ambassador to the IAEA, Bassam Sabbagh, reiterated at Friday’s meeting in Vienna that the site in question was a “non-nuclear military installation” and denied not wanting to cooperate with the agency, diplomats said.http://www.france24.com/en/20120914-syria-showing-contempt-un-nuclear-agency-us

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