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We have recently received two very large donations of medical supplies for our medical missions to Jordan, and we want to thank these donors for their generosity. This note was received for one of the shipments from the Beckett family, and another shipment of medical supplies (that filled our office!) came from a previous mission participant, Dr. Benton Lee Brown in Texas. Thank you for such generous consideration on supplies that we will be making very good use of on present and future missions to help the Syrian refugees.


Here is an attached list of 121 different supplies we would like to donate to you and your team.  We are very hopeful that these supplies can be put to good use by my brother in law Adam Beckett and the other volunteers helping with the Jordan team.  We will need a receipt before we release these supplies over. The total value of this donation is $11,621.27 which is listed on the attached document. If you have any further questions please feel free to call me again!

Best Of Luck Jordan Team!!!

Sincerely,  Lindsay Beckett

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