Thanks to all who helped sort donated goods for the refugees!

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Thank you to all that helped with the sorting of clothes etc for the Syrian refugees today: Beryl, Rula Borelli and her family, Carla, Aisha, Ayman Hakim and his family. We got over 100 big black garbage bags full of items that are in great condition, and lots of new items. We have enough now for another shipment that will be going out soon, once I call the cargo company and make arrangements. It was cold in the warehouse, but all the people’s energy kept us going, knowing what we were doing was going to keep so many people warm during these cold nights. I heard it had started to snow in northern Syria and in Jordan and we need to remember that all the people have are tents over their heads and not enough clothes to keep them warm. They are lighting candles and fires, but the wood is very wet. A fire just killed 5 children in a tent where the candles fell over and the mother was out collecting more wood and some food.

Please, if you want to help, now is the time. We still need more warm clothing and also money that we can use to purchase other items in Turkey and Jordan. Ayman Hakim is leaving for Turkey on the 20th Jan and I am leaving with a group of doctors to do needed surgeries.

Thanks everyone and please pray for an end to this madness.

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