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This was written by one of the doctors that was on our mission- Khaled Issa


The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.
Dan Brown-Inferno

Bed no. 1: 18 months old girl with left lower leg amputated, scared
Bed no. 2: young man with left lower leg amputated. Still smiling…
Bed no. 3: 17 year old young lady. Rocket landed on her house…. She was pregnant. Lost the baby. Lost left lower leg. Bladder injury. Colostomy. Lost her vision. Lost her earring in one ear. Staring at the ceiling into the empty space. Her husband only 20 year old never left her bedside for the last 2 months.
ICU bed 1: young man with bilateral above-the-knee amputation with right hand injury. A rocket landed close to him and that all he remembers until he woke up in ICU few days ago. Full of determination but in pain and agony.
ICU bed 2: 23 year old male was imprisioned by the Air Force security intelligence for several months. The thugs threw liquid on their cell floor which has very toxic fumes resulted in immediate death of 4 of the prisoners. He lost conscience and was picked up last Friday at the border. The prison was liberated. K 8.3. BUN 300. Cardiomyopathy with EF 15%. Recovering slowly. After he finished his story he broke in agonizing cry which made everyone sobbing! Determined that there is no way back.
Spinal cord injury unit:
Bed no 1: 13 year old beautiful girl with bullet through T10- paraplegic. Sniper attack.
Bed no 2: 13 year old girl like a flower. Bullet through T11 while she was fleeing Daara two months go. Paraplegic.
Bed no 3: 19 year old young lady with sniper bullet through her right temple. Left hemiplegia. Progressing slowly.
Bed no 4: two year old boy with a bullet through his right neck. Spinal cord hemorrhage. Recovering nicely.
Shall I keep going?
Synopsis of what the criminals of the regime doing to our innocent civilians.
They have drifted genetically. They don’t belong to the human race.
When do we scream?
When do we become angry?
How long do we stay silent?
A message to everyone I know: seeing is not the same as hearing or listening.
Those are real people who lost everything. If we don’t Stand by them now then I don’t know when.
To the countries who alleged to be the custodian of democracy: may be you need to have a tour to visit and hear the horror stories of the those lovely beautiful and innocent victims of your deafening silence…may be your conscious will be shaken from the coma of morality.
History will never forgive you all.
The need is tremendous and beyond imagination. Each and every honored and honest Syrian has a duty and obligation to fulfill towards the forgotten victims of this criminal Bachar Assad.
Our hearts are bleeding, our eyes are tearing and we should be determined like these heroes.

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