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Here is a video of the second container being taken away to the port for it’s journey to Turkey. The third container is being filled now.

Second container of aid departing.

The second container was picked up today and is on its way to Iskrendrun, Turkey. This is thanks to all the people in Seattle, and the East Side. If it wasn’t for you and your friends and others that read on line that we were doing this we would not have a full container of over 200 bags of warm clothing to go to the Syrian Refugees.

We thank to thank everyone that supported this cause and came and helped on the weekends to sort the clothes and package everything up in the cold warehouse/ But we really need to Thanks Ayman Hayim for the use of the warehouse and him and M. Arabo for running around the city picking up donations- this was a cause for the people and by the people, no one organization had anything to do with it. The will of the people to get something done and it was.

We are now starting on the third container that we hope to have filled by the 2nd week of February and get this shipped to Aqaba port in Jordan and we will have SAM Syrian Medical Association and Jordan charities that will be helping getting this cleared from customs and distributed to the people in need. So if you were not able to get things for the first two- no worries you still have time to help.

The stuff can be dropped in Bothell or in Seattle and we have addresses on the East side also that can be arranged so just drop us a line and let us know.

If you want to help thru a cash donation that is also available thru PayPal account and it is non profit and if you have a company that matches that is even better.

We also want to thank Emarat Shipping in Los Angeles with getting us the paperwork, the trucking company, and everything else to get this shipment going. They are a pleasure to work with.

Thanks you again kind folks for remembering the people of Syria


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