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I want to thank all of you that have made donations for the Syria fund through Salaam Cultural Museum.  We have been able to collect about $10,000 to date, and this has been sent to help the Syrian refugees in Jordan.  We have been able to get them food, medical supplies and some basic items like blankets and baby food, milk, formula, and children’s clothing.  The people were very happy in receiving these items, but so much more is needed.

As the fighting is still going on and more and more people are being displaced from their homes, it is critical that we get them more money to buy the supplies.  Anything that you can donate will help. If everyone that gets this email is able to do $20 we will be able to feed and cloth a couple of hundred families.  Other NGOs in the region are spread so thin that they are not able to help all the refugees that are coming from Syria.  Within the last week we have reached numbers of 160,000, just in Jordan and these are the people that are registered.  We have so many that have come thru that are not registered in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey or Iraq.  The numbers are growing each day.

For the people that are still in Syria and not able to get out the situation is even worse for them.  Aleppo was known as the pharmaceutical manufacturing center in the country and with the fighting taking place that has stopped.  With the hot weather, doctors are very worried about epidemics that can erupt in the make shift camps.  Some of the people are taking shelter in schools and mosques – anywhere they can find shelter.

Please we ask you again to pass this message on to your friends and family members and help us help these people.  Anything that you can do will be appreciated by all.

You can go to our PayPal account on our web site or send us a check to Salaam Cultural Museum, 3806 Whitman Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103.

Thank you for reading this and thinking about the families that have nothing left.

Rita Zawaideh

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