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The World Food Program recently posted the following update on their website, noting that they had received pledges to cover the food program into January, but that is it. We still need to do more.

ROME – Following an unprecedented social media campaign, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced today the tally of contributions by government donors towards the reinstatement of food assistance to nearly 1.7 million Syrian refugees.

Thanks to substantial support from government partners in donor countries, a total of US$88.4 million has been raised to date.  As this exceeds the goal of US$64 million required to fund the refugee programme in December, it allows WFP to cover some of the refugees’ food needs in January.

This is the latest from the World Food Program. Over recent days, the following (in alphabetical order) have announced contributions: 

Belgium (US$138,000)

European Union (US$6.2 million)

Germany (US$5.4 million)

Ireland (US$1.1 million)

Netherlands (US$7.5 million)

Norway (US$10.2 million)

Qatar (US$2 million)

Saudi Arabia (US$52 million)

Switzerland (US$2.1 million).

The total also includes US$1.8 million from individuals and private sector donors.

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